Flexible Program Structure

Learn online at your own pace.

Be Connected

Be a part of a global community of students like you who want to run their own business.

The Program

The program consists of 15 courses, plus an assessment and a Capstone project. For the Capstone, students will create an investor-ready business plan and will have the opportunity to present that plan to a panel of investors.

Learn from Entrepreneurs

The program is rooted in the real-life experience of the teachers, who speak directly and honestly about the experience of starting and building a business, and the knowledge, strength and resilience it takes.

Apply Real-Life Skills

No program of study is worthwhile unless the knowledge and skills that are being taught can be used by the student to execute on a vision. This is a hallmark of the approach Mentis Academy has taken to create a learning experience that will benefit the student long after graduation.

Stay Connected with Us

Mentis Academy invites graduates to remain part of the community and talk and work with another, to see opportunities, launch new ideas and solve problems.